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Previous work at EsmeraldaThis workshop is hosted by Sky Island Alliance. It is February 22-24, 2013 at Rancho La Esmeralda, Sonora, Mexico (west of Nogales).
Join us on this trip south of the border to kick off our 2013 Sonoran riparian restoration projects! We will be camping at the beautiful Rancho La Esmeralda and doing our part to improve creek-side habitat for neotropical migratory birds. Activities will include transplanting riparian trees and hands-on instruction from Van Clothier of Stream Dynamics.

The plan is to fill up the Sky Island Alliance van with as many people as possible, saving you from having to purchase Mexican car insurance. The fee for each U.S. participant is $40 and will be consistent for all of our Sonoran restoration trips for this project. This does not go to SIA but instead supports the ranch owner for allowing us to camp. Meals are not included and a valid passport is required for U.S. participants....

Van Clothier featured in the "Community Spotlight" in Aldo Leopold High School newsletter"Last semester I was one of eight lucky students who worked with Van Clothier as he taught our Aldo Leopold High School (ALHS) Water Harvesting YCC crew the tricks of his trade. Van, who owns Stream Dynamics, has been helping landowners and public places decrease runoff and erosion problems while at the same time using that water for irrigation for over ten years."

"This was the second time Van has led a YCC crew for ALHS. In 2006, Van worked with a YCC crew at the Silva Creek Botanical Garden. There the crew redirected water that was running into the Big Ditch into rock lined basins, al- lowing the water to seep into the ground."

Read the rest below in the Aldo Leopold High School News on page 6.

Students learning water harvesting techniquesJane, a property owner in northwest Tucson, recently had a hands-on workshop run by Stream Dynamics and Watershed Management Group. Dozens of college students and other participants learned strategies and techniques, then carefully planned and installed drainage and earthworks on her property.  Just over a week later a heavy storm tested the efforts. The planning and work payed off preventing further erosion in problem areas and harvesting runoff to quench parched soil.

Jane "...was very pleased with all your work and grateful for the rain. Thanks."


WNMU Water Catchment Gets LandscapedIt began to rain as the crew arrived Saturday at 2pm to landscape the previously constructed water catchment system on 10th just up from West St. Not to be deterred the group from WNMU Sustainability Club and some helpers laid out an array of wild flowers, shrubs, spineless Nopale ("non-prickly" pear) Cactus and trees native to this area.

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Sheet Flood Irrigation Event at Botanic GardenSilva Creek Botanical Garden achieved a "Sheet Flood Irrigation Event" today after the neighborhood received 1.4 inches of rain. This photo was taken today by Tim Bell standing on State St looking into the park, past the catchment ponds, beyond a raised walkway that defines one side of the catch pond and into the flooded open field of the park. This "Sheet Flooding" deep waters the trees and native plants growing in mound planters that help contain the flooding from the neighbors and Virginia St.

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Poor roadway drainage design, Silver CityAbove is an example of an infrastructure problem that needs improvement and there are many besides this drainage originating from one Town owned street. From sidewalks to trails, streets, sewers and everything that is collectively owned by the people of Silver City, both ideas and money are needed. Ideas can be new or redoes of existing infrastructure, even new ideas for old problems. Each year the Town applies to the State for money from taxes collected by the State But, the Town must have an "Infrastructure and Capital Improvement Plan" that lists the specific project the Town is asking funding for. If the project is not in the "Plan" an application for funding won't be considered by the State. Got a project? Now is your chance.

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And the winner is Ben Altimirano Sports Complex at 3.9 million gallons for the month of August at a cost of $15,769.00 for 4 baseball fields and 2 soccer fields. In an agreement between the Town of Silver City, owner of the complex, and Silver Consolidated School District the School District maintains and controls the Complex and the Town/Taxpayer pays the water bill. Above, a ball field watered during a down pour.

As the Town takes up the issue of water conservation as recommended by the Mayor's Climate Committee and not exactly knowing what to do the Town began by analyzing the biggest water users. See below for their top 10 as printed out from their data base after my amended list of the top ten.

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By way of comparison to other big water users:

  1. 1a - The 476 water users of the Arenas Valley Water Association used 4.078 million gallons in August. An average of 8.5 thousand gallons per household. About average if you don't have a lawn. Although #1 in total gallons used it is only 178,000 gallons more than the above Sports Complex.
    1b - The Pinos Altos Water Associations 136 households used 803 thousand gallons in August (a steady decrease over the summer from 1.1 million gallons in May) for an average of 5,944...

WNMU water catchment basin constructionWNMU Centennial Dorm got 5 water catchment basins to control up to 60,000 gals of water runoff per year down 10th to West Street and beyond. With the blessings of WNMU Maintenance Dept (permit and equipment) and Silver City Utilities Dept (permit for curb cutting) students of the "Sustainable Design" class put their chosen plan into action. Van Clothier (Stream Dynamics) was brought in as consultant and co-supervisor with class Prof. Patricia Pawlicki. The WNMU Garden Club will come soon and landscape in, around and between the Basins with plants that will utilize the added groundwater. Within the mulched Basins native grass seed will be broadcast to grow between the rocks.

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First Silver City "Curb Cut" completed July 10, 2010Major changes proposed for Land Use Code by Van Clothier at Tuesday's meeting included all things water for streets, new building and upgrades.

From Curb Cuts, Catch Basins, Diversion Swales to roof runoff collection for watering landscape these Code proposals seek to radically change how water runoff moves through the community.

According to Mr Clothier "until now most of the City's efforts have been and large amounts of money spent to move runoff into streets, arroyos, creeks then to the desert as quickly as possible and this has to stop".

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