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Bog Springs restoration projectAfter three years of getting approvals, permits and studies, the Bog Springs restoration project is finally underway and nearing completion.

The project engineered to restore wetlands along Warrior Drive and further enhance the ecology in the area of Ruidoso High School is a collaborative effort that includes city, village, students, teachers and high school departments.

"The 'get 'er done' attitude on ground level has been outstanding," said Van Clothier, owner of Stream Dynamics, a stream restoration, water harvesting and erosion control company. "I'm really impressed at the cooperation."

"The city's doing the heavy lifting and Stream dynamics is doing the detail work," said Clothier, who is overseeing the project on Ruidoso High School land.

The project engineered to restore wetlands along Warrior Drive near Ruidoso High School is a collaborative effort that includes city, village, students, teachers and high school...

Stream Dynamics founder Van Clothier participates in May 16th, 2013 forum titled "Who Needs Water!" at Western New Mexico University.

April 2013 saw another successful restoration effort on the upper Santa Cruz River near San Lazaro, Sonora.

Working with Sky Island Alliance, local landowners, and volunteers from both sides of the border, Stream Dynamics guided efforts including planting willow poles for future bird habitat.

Thank you to all the volunteers!

Rainwater harvesting club from Ruidoso High School works on Bog Springs project with Stream DynamicsStream Dynamic's Bog Springs project featured in Ruidoso News:

A planned project to restore wetlands along Warrior Drive and further enhance the ecology in the area of Ruidoso High School has turned into an education for students. The proposed Bog Springs Drainage Restoration is a collaborative initiative that includes high school departments, individual teachers and classes of pupils.

"It's really exciting to see the amount of enthusiasm especially as I'm going from class to class," said Jen Zawacki, an ecologist educator with Stream Dynamics, a stream and wetland restoration company in New Mexico. "We have engagement from the history department looking at oral history where students could interview community members and kind of compile and document looking at both listening and written skills. I've met...

See the full Watershed Management Group 2012 Annual Report PDF here. Text copied from report below.

Van ClothierA few years ago, Van Clothier went to a Green Infrastructure conference in Las Cruces, NM. “I met an intense young man who did a killer presentation.” That killer presenter was Catlow Shipek, WMG co-founder and Senior Program Manager.

I had been doing stream restoration in wild areas for ten years. Learning about urban water harvesting changed my perspective and helped me pull it all together. Now I’m doing both,” says Van, who has taken WMG’s Water Harvesting Certification Course.

After seeing Catlow at the conference, I wrote a grant to bring him to the NM Watershed Forum. Since then I’ve been using WMG as a resource and implementing their methods here in...

Professor Jose Manuel Sanchez and Van ClothierNews from Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Cananea:

Sky Island Alliance e Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Cananea continúan haciendo un esfuerzo binacional en la educación ambiental, conservación y amistad.
English: Sky Island Alliance and Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Cananea continue a binational effort in environmental education, conservation and friendship.

Una vez más, el rancho La Esmeralda, la propiedad privada ubicada al suroeste de Nogales, Sonora y a pocos kilómetros al sur de la frontera, ha sido testigo de una nueva actividad de restauración conjunta, liderada por Sky Island Alliance, la organización grassroots, dedicada a la protección y restauración del diverso patrimonio natural de especies nativas y hábitats de la región de las islas serranas del suroeste de Estados Unidos y noroeste de México y apoyada por el Instituto Tecnológico...

Rancho Esmeralda restoration workers and volunteers (photo by Nick Deyo)Sky Island Alliance, Stream Dynamics, and volunteers worked to restore damaged riparian bird and wildlife habitat at Rancho La Esmeralda in Sonora, México.

Extra moisture was evident across the landscape, providing beautiful working conditions for the restoration weekend February 22-24 at Rancho La Esmeralda in Sonora, Mexico.

Sky Island Alliance staff and restoration practitioner Van Clothier of Stream Dynamics, Inc. reforested two of the ranch’s riparian (a.k.a. stream-side) drainages along with a group of 16 bi-national volunteers.

The process focused on harvesting willow saplings or “whips”from established stands on the ranch and replanting them at other appropriate sites, a highly successful method for...

Ruidoso Village Manager Debi Lee holds up placards that decribe various aspects of the Bog Springs project planned at Ruidoso High School. (Dianne Stallings/Ruidoso News)A project designed to create a wetland and capture rainwater for irrigation at Ruidoso High School could get underway as early as April, said the founder of the company handling the work.

Nora Midkiff, chairman of the Ruidoso River Restoration Committee, which is charged by the courts with selecting $850,000 worth of projects aimed at improving the quality of water in the Rio Ruidoso, last week introduced Van Clothier to village councilors. Clothier, the founder of Stream Dynamics Inc. based in Silver City, gave the board an overview of the Bogs Springs project, the first approved by the RRRC.

"We are trying to craft a graceful resolution to a difficult water problem," Clothier said. "There has been some squabbling in the past and were looking to move forward with all the partners with minimum pain. The in-kind is an important part of that."

"I do watershed restoration and harvesting, and I know how to fix creeks and to turn...