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III Green Infrastructure Border Forum
Presented by Van Clothier - Stream Dynamics
Nov 1, 2016

Where rivers meet the ocean, coastlines tend to bend either inward or outward, creating estuaries and deltas. But how do they get those shapes?



In the Guadalupe Montessori School driveway flood series. Here, the basins by the bike path are getting a run for their money.

Another angle on the arroyo's path over the field and exit to Alabama. Before the work, the arroyo made its exit down the south driveway (our exit driveway). In the first frame, you can see the berm that is redirecting the water on to the field. If the water had exited to Alabama right there, the water's path would have been significantly shorter, and the flow would have been much faster, causing way more damage.

We've got work to do to clean up the mess, but are nonetheless feeling grateful. If you would like to donate any time, money, gravel or rock to help in our efforts, let us know!

Work has resumed at SWEC's La Mancha Wetland Project. We estimate it will take 2-3 weeks to finish this phase of the project, which consists of excavating a deep pond connected to an existing marsh. The pond will fill with groundwater and will provide year-round habitat for fish and other aquatic creatures, even when the river is dry. The next and final phase of the project will be to construct a connecting channel across the IBWC floodway to the river.

We'll post frequent progress reports here. Scroll down for older posts.

January 28. Day eight of construction.

Ponded areas are significantly larger and will soon be connected to make a large area of aquatic habitat. Just what this area needs!

January 27. Day seven of construction.

Anybody need any big chunks of concrete? Maybe repurpose them for flagstones? We've got plenty that were buried on the site. Despite the challenge of moving all that concrete, Van and Mike are making progress. Today they started work on another pond area (see below), that will eventually be connected to the other ponds,...

Se llevó a cabo una reunión con Vecinos de la Zona Valle del Sol, Red de Vecinos y el equipo de Stream Dynamics, Inc. con el propósito de dar seguimiento al proyecto de captación de agua en la zona Valle del Sol.


En el marco del seguimiento al proyecto aprobado por la COCEF en el que dotará de cuencas y equipamiento para la captación del agua al parque ubicado sobre la Avenida Valle del Sol, se llevó a cabo una reunión en el que estuvieron presentes vecinos del sector, Red de Vecinos e integrantes de Stream Dymanics, Inc. que es la organización que apoyará con el diseño y supervisión de las adecuaciones que se le harán al parque ubicado a un costado de Villas Solares. En éste parque se pretende modificar de tal manera que se utilice el agua de lluvia para riego y el parque pueda tener una vida mas dinámica con plantas de la región, asi como aprovechar los estancaminetos que se hacen con la lluvia sobre el pavimento. – Para más información, visita...

Van on 1958 Schwinn Hornet On Thursday, September 24th Stream Dynamics hosted a Bike Tour of water harvesting projects as part of the 11th annual Gila River Festival. Twenty bikes of all varieties joined us on a tour of 20 project sites. Although we have been building water harvesting projects within the Town of Silver City since 2008, our current project is to build 80 water harvesting projects! This ambitious mega-project is funded through a grant from the New Mexico Environment Department as part of their River Stewardship program. So far we have built 9 new projects, so we only have 71 more to go!

Water Harvesting creates public greenspaces within the right of way adjacent to the roads. These greenspaces are known to have a calming effect on the resident human population, especially drivers. As our streets become more shaded and beautiful, more people start walking and biking. This has been demonstrated effectively in Tucson, Arizona.

Last Fall, we went to a conference on Green...

La Cienega de San Vicente Restoration Project has been ongoing with the New Mexico Environment Department for several years. Last summer, Stream Dynamics Inc. was hired by NMED to protect the Town of Silver City's sewer line across the creek channel with a constructed A-arm Crossvane.

Stream Dynamics Inc. visited our San Vicente Creek Crossvane today, to assess its success after a series of heavy monsoon rains… We are happy to say that it looks great after a tornado, and three great rain storms, including an event that topped bank full (1.15 in in 2 hours)! There are many native plants, wildflowers, and trees thriving in the constructed water harvesting basins, and along the floodplain. It looks so good, you can hardly tell we did anything at all!