Stream Dynamics Areas of Expertise

Water Resource Consultation

Stream Dynamics will carefully look at the water flow paths and determine how to transform storm water runoff into a valuable resource for your property. This thoughtful approach is cost effective because it protects infrastructure from erosion and flooding while creating a free water resource on the property that will irrigate trees and other landscaping every time there is a good rain. We will diagnose the problem and give you a competitive bid to convert all the nuisance runoff that is damaging your property into a safe and gentle resource that will deeply irrigate your landscaping, providing shade trees, windbreaks, property screening, wildlife habitat, food, and beauty.

Road Drainage

Improperly drained roads and driveways trap runoff on the road surface, causing ruts, erosion and flooding problems. Stream Dynamics will redesign the road drainage and redirect runoff to growing vegetation. Call us before replacing the surface of a dirt road or driveway, and it will not wash off again during the next big rainstorm.Crossvane in action

Erosion Control

Many watercourses in our region are in a state of erosion, either cutting deeper, or cutting sideways, or both. We are gully, stream, and arroyo specialists and will devise a beautiful solution, working with native plant materials and stone.

Water Stewardship

The philosophy of Stream Dynamics is to provide our customers with design and construction of landscaping features that will protect the precious water resources that fall free from the sky or flow across your property. We will slow runoff by causing it to soak deeply into the ground to irrigate gardens and native vegetation and prevent it from causing erosion. We will prevent excess runoff from leaving your property, and we will allow a balanced amount of water to continue seeping through the subsoil to natural watercourses, and to downstream users and ecosystems that need it, following both natural law and man's laws.

Water Harvesting

Water Harvesting is the conversion of nuisance storm water runoff into a valuable resource. Inexpensive and easy to maintain landscaping features such as shallow earth basins redirect the water away from valuable infrastructure such as your house or driveway, and cause the water to soak deeply into the ground where it will be accessible by tree roots during the dry season, saving costly irrigation of landscaping. Water harvesting will reduce downstream flooding, and purity the water by causing it to soak into the ground, allowing growing plants to bio-remediate the small amount of pollution in storm water runoff.