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Ten Top Users Of Silver City Water

And the winner is Ben Altimirano Sports Complex at 3.9 million gallons for the month of August at a cost of $15,769.00 for 4 baseball fields and 2 soccer fields. In an agreement between the Town of Silver City, owner of the complex, and Silver Consolidated School District the School District maintains and controls the Complex and the Town/Taxpayer pays the water bill. Above, a ball field watered during a down pour.

As the Town takes up the issue of water conservation as recommended by the Mayor's Climate Committee and not exactly knowing what to do the Town began by analyzing the biggest water users. See below for their top 10 as printed out from their data base after my amended list of the top ten.

See the story on the Gila Community newswire

By way of comparison to other big water users:

WNMU Goes Green

WNMU water catchment basin constructionWNMU Centennial Dorm got 5 water catchment basins to control up to 60,000 gals of water runoff per year down 10th to West Street and beyond. With the blessings of WNMU Maintenance Dept (permit and equipment) and Silver City Utilities Dept (permit for curb cutting) students of the "Sustainable Design" class put their chosen plan into action. Van Clothier (Stream Dynamics) was brought in as consultant and co-supervisor with class Prof. Patricia Pawlicki. The WNMU Garden Club will come soon and landscape in, around and between the Basins with plants that will utilize the added groundwater.

Everything Water Runoff at The Land Use Code Worksession

First Silver City "Curb Cut" completed July 10, 2010Major changes proposed for Land Use Code by Van Clothier at Tuesday's meeting included all things water for streets, new building and upgrades.

From Curb Cuts, Catch Basins, Diversion Swales to roof runoff collection for watering landscape these Code proposals seek to radically change how water runoff moves through the community.

According to Mr Clothier "until now most of the City's efforts have been and large amounts of money spent to move runoff into streets, arroyos, creeks then to the desert as quickly as possible and this has to stop".


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