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Voluntarios sin Fronteras (Volunteers Without Borders)

Professor Jose Manuel Sanchez and Van ClothierNews from Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Cananea:

Sky Island Alliance e Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Cananea continúan haciendo un esfuerzo binacional en la educación ambiental, conservación y amistad.
English: Sky Island Alliance and Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Cananea continue a binational effort in environmental education, conservation and friendship.

Bog Springs school water project set to move forward in April

Ruidoso Village Manager Debi Lee holds up placards that decribe various aspects of the Bog Springs project planned at Ruidoso High School. (Dianne Stallings/Ruidoso News)A project designed to create a wetland and capture rainwater for irrigation at Ruidoso High School could get underway as early as April, said the founder of the company handling the work.

Nora Midkiff, chairman of the Ruidoso River Restoration Committee, which is charged by the courts with selecting $850,000 worth of projects aimed at improving the quality of water in the Rio Ruidoso, last week introduced Van Clothier to village councilors. Clothier, the founder of Stream Dynamics Inc. based in Silver City, gave the board an overview of the Bogs Springs project, the first approved by the RRRC.

Van Clothier featured in the "Community Spotlight" in Aldo Leopold High School newsletter

Van Clothier featured in the "Community Spotlight" in Aldo Leopold High School newsletter"Last semester I was one of eight lucky students who worked with Van Clothier as he taught our Aldo Leopold High School (ALHS) Water Harvesting YCC crew the tricks of his trade. Van, who owns Stream Dynamics, has been helping landowners and public places decrease runoff and erosion problems while at the same time using that water for irrigation for over ten years."

Rains test recent Stream Dynamics workshop efforts

Students learning water harvesting techniquesJane, a property owner in northwest Tucson, recently had a hands-on workshop run by Stream Dynamics and Watershed Management Group. Dozens of college students and other participants learned strategies and techniques, then carefully planned and installed drainage and earthworks on her property.  Just over a week later a heavy storm tested the efforts. The planning and work payed off preventing further erosion in problem areas and harvesting runoff to quench parched soil.

Sheet Flood Irrigation Event at Botanic Garden

Sheet Flood Irrigation Event at Botanic GardenSilva Creek Botanical Garden achieved a "Sheet Flood Irrigation Event" today after the neighborhood received 1.4 inches of rain. This photo was taken today by Tim Bell standing on State St looking into the park, past the catchment ponds, beyond a raised walkway that defines one side of the catch pond and into the flooded open field of the park. This "Sheet Flooding" deep waters the trees and native plants growing in mound planters that help contain the flooding from the neighbors and Virginia St.

Those Damn Potholes And Flooded Intersections

Poor roadway drainage design, Silver CityAbove is an example of an infrastructure problem that needs improvement and there are many besides this drainage originating from one Town owned street. From sidewalks to trails, streets, sewers and everything that is collectively owned by the people of Silver City, both ideas and money are needed. Ideas can be new or redoes of existing infrastructure, even new ideas for old problems. Each year the Town applies to the State for money from taxes collected by the State But, the Town must have an "Infrastructure and Capital Improvement Plan" that lists the specific project the Town is asking funding for.


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