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Summer 2013 monsoons bring a bountiful rainwater harvest

July and August rains have been very generous this year in Silver City. Silva Creek Botanical Gardens water harvesting diversion was created in 2006. Many hundreds of volunteer hours have been spent planting and tending the native plants that grow here from harvested rainwater. Stormwater runoff from a 75 acre neighborhood subwatershed used to go out of town in the Big Ditch. Now it irrigates the garden, which gets better and better each year.

On Cheyenne Street a driveway between two houses was shortened by one parking space to create a rain garden. Dave and Katherine are stoked about their curb cut on Montana Street which fills four large basins in a good rain. At the 10th Street entrance to Western New Mexico University, native plants and wildflowers thrive on harvested rainwater from 5 curb bore holes. A riot of wildflowers flourish on runoff frim a dirt cul-de-sac on North Grant Street. Mark Cantrell from Lone Mountain Natives checks a Desert Sage he supplied for a project on E Street in Silver City.

Willow plantings protected bank when Mogollon Creek hit 15,000 cfs on July 24, 2013

Mogollon Creek flood chart July 24, 2013Mogollon Creek spiked at 15,000 cubic feet per second on Wednesday, July 24. There was a Forest Service fence and gate near an eroding bank of the creek near the confluence with the Gila River. Stream Dynamics had stabilized this bank as part of a project for the Upper Gila Watershed Alliance in December 2011. We moved the gate and fence back from the creek about 30 feet and stabilized the bank by planting willows and cottonwoods in a deep trench. The groundwater was so low on the day of planting that I had to dig 9 feet deep to hit the water. Tom Cooper and James Sanders assisted on various parts of this job, which also included setting large boulders to prevent people from driving on the river banks.

Article: New Water Diversion/Catchment In Silver City

With rainy season we can all see the copious amounts of water that run of the streets and another resident decided to do what he could. A new water diversion/harvesting system was begun today and will be completed tomorrow. In the upper left water will be diverted from a relatively steep street to 4 catch basins like the ones above being worked on by Jonathan Jordan, Aldo High Student on left and Daniel Eady.

Water catchment basin construction

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Bog Springs restoration project in Ruidoso nears completion

Bog Springs restoration projectAfter three years of getting approvals, permits and studies, the Bog Springs restoration project is finally underway and nearing completion.

The project engineered to restore wetlands along Warrior Drive and further enhance the ecology in the area of Ruidoso High School is a collaborative effort that includes city, village, students, teachers and high school departments.

"The 'get 'er done' attitude on ground level has been outstanding," said Van Clothier, owner of Stream Dynamics, a stream restoration, water harvesting and erosion control company. "I'm really impressed at the cooperation."


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