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La Capilla Wetland Gets An Upgrade

La Capilla wetland improvementsBack in the trees is La Capilla Wetland, picnic tables and hiking paths. Nineteen Youth Conservation Corp (YCC) workers from Aldo Leopold High spent 2.5 weeks improving the water flow from hillsides, Robert St diversions and the Senior Center parking lot into the wetland area witch contains cattails native willow trees and more.

When my kids and I stumbled upon the wetland in 1981 it was a dumping place for trash; there were piles of unused asphalt left over from road paving and piles of discarded broken-up concrete but remarkably lush and green, today it is part of the La Capilla Heritage Park and easily accessed from the Senior Center parking lot although any of the trails around the 23 acre park will take you there.

Gully plug project in a post-fire Jaramillo Creek in the Valles Caldera

In April 15-19, 2014 Stream Dynamics did a gully plug project in a post-fire gully in the North Gullies of Jaramillo Creek in the Valles Caldera. We used whole trees that were cut down as part of a forest stand improvement directed by Bill Zeedyk and Jack Crane. The sawyers were Dwayne and Cory Lefthand from Taos Pueblo. Van Clothier operated an excavator to manouver the trees into the gullies and wedge them in place.

Cat 308 positioning tree in gully

Cat 308 positioning tree in gully.

Several tree length gully plugs in this gully

Reporte Anual Convenio Instituto Tecnológico Superior De Cananea Y Sky Island Alliance

Reporte Anual Convenio Instituto Tecnológico Superior De Cananea Y Sky Island AllianceAgradecimientos

El 20 de agosto del ano 2013 se cumple un ano de la firma del historico convenio de colaboracion del Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Cananea con Sky Island Alliance, organizacion dedicada a la proteccion de las especies nativas y a la restauracion de sus habitats en la region de las islas serranas.

Valles Caldera National Preserve

On October 15th in Valles Caldera National Preserve, a crew of 4 men from Jemez Pueblo YCC dug a "flow splitter" to re-irrigate a 30+ acre wet meadow that had been drained for agriculture over 80 years ago. This work was done under the design and direction of Stream Dynamics; the client was Wild Earth Guardians.

Here is a LIDAR image of the anthropogenic gullies on an historic alluvial fan in the Valles Caldera National Preserve near Los Alamos, NM. Below is the same image overprinted with labels showing where the work was done. Approximately 38 acres of wet meadow was restored by this work.

Ruidoso High School Wetlands Project Update

Before, during and after photos of the newly constructed wetlands at Ruidoso High School, built by Stream Dynamics in June and July of this year. Bog Springs Creek and a wetlands are now on High School property and incorporated into the previously existing Entrance Park.

Before the project the Creek flowed in a ditch on the other side of Warrior Drive to upper right of the photo.Bog Springs Creek Before

Here comes the water! At this point, the wetalnd has been excavated, shaped, and a boulder waterfall has been constructed (water just released into new wetland photo).


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