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San Vicente Restoration Project after large flood

La Cienega de San Vicente Restoration Project has been ongoing with the New Mexico Environment Department for several years. Last summer, Stream Dynamics Inc. was hired by NMED to protect the Town of Silver City's sewer line across the creek channel with a constructed A-arm Crossvane.

Stream Dynamics Inc. visited our San Vicente Creek Crossvane today, to assess its success after a series of heavy monsoon rains… We are happy to say that it looks great after a tornado, and three great rain storms, including an event that topped bank full (1.15 in in 2 hours)! There are many native plants, wildflowers, and trees thriving in the constructed water harvesting basins, and along the floodplain. It looks so good, you can hardly tell we did anything at all!

Video: Cobre Creek culvert fix and habitat creation

At the end of May, Stream Dynamics, Inc. designed and oversaw the construction of a wetland feature in a spring fed creek at McKee Street Parkin Bayard, New Mexico. This neighborhood is blessed with a permanent springs in the high desert. We believe this is the headwaters of Cobre Creek. Working with Deming Excavating, Inc. and the City of Bayard, we cleaned out a blocked culvert and built a rock rundown to speed up floodwaters and reduce the flooding of the downstream neighbor's property. We also raised the base flow water table and created a wetland pond habitat for frogs and kids and dogs! The shore of the pond was planted with sedges, cattails, bulrushes. Willows were planted along the edge of the park to provide visual screening, and a native mint was planted for the residents to harvest. We will be monitoring this during the monsoons and posting updates, so stay tuned.

Video: Restoration in the Borderlands

Restoration in the Borderlands: Wildcat Canyon is 14 miles east of Douglas Arizona and only 1 mile north of the Mexican border. This project, funded by the Department of Homeland Security began with a landform survey last September. In January we did the preliminary design, and now we are a week into construction of a series of 10 gully plugs and ponds that will re-wet the historic Giant Sacaton grasslands.

The video below shows Stream Dynamics saving giant Sacaton from where the gully plug is going to be.

Arroyo San Vicente project in action (flash flood video!)

Under Contract with the New Mexico Environment Department, Stream Dynamics, Inc. built a Rosgen Cross Vane to protect the sewer line in Silver City. This project included water harvesting diversions to constructed wetlands that were planted with a total of 175 native plants of 32 species, and seeded with 26 native species of native grasses, wildflowers and shrubs.  It had rained hard in Silver City at about 5:00 pm on Friday, August 1.  Van Clothier went down to the creek at 6:00, arriving moments before a flash flood came down the dry channel.  Watch as the leading edge of a flash flood begins flowing down the creek and also into two big water harvesting diversions.

Below this video is a gallery of pre-construction, post-construction, and action photos during the 2014 monsoon.

Water is guided in three ways: down the creek over the grade control, and into right and left diversion basins. This is a Rosgen cross-vane with an "A" arm and a Zuni bowl. It defines a riffle-run-pool-glide sequence in the creek.

Aldo Leopold Youth Conservation Corps starts Fall semester project

On August 29, six Youth Conservation Corps students from Aldo Leopold High School did a water catchment/erosion control project at the Waterworks under the supervision of Andrew Lindlof of Stream Dynamics.

Runoff from the yard had been eroding out the abutment for the new bridge. The students filled the eroded area with rock to reinforce it, dug some catchment pits, and also built up a small berm to divert most of the runoff away from the bridge. They will be working on other water harvesting projects around town during the fall semester.

Volunteer work weekend in the Valles Caldera

Thanks, Volunteers!

Participants in AWF’s July 2014 Valles Caldera Project:

Dolores Barbaro, Stephen Bohannon, Phil Carter, Lynne Casson, Van Clothier, Rodney Conant ,Darlene Crane, Jack Crane, Elliot Conn ,Rachel Conn, Silas Conn, Silvia & Jack Davis, Bridget de Saint Phalle, Linda Doherty, Kristina Fisher, Peggy Gautier, Johnelle Gonzales, Ed Lucero, Jim Lunn, Laurie Marnell, Deborah Meier, Sharon Miles, Dennis Muirhead, Glenda Muirhead, Dick Powell, Sandy Powell, Peter Rothfeld, Erik Schlenker-Goodrich, David Schmitt, Hamish Thomson, Bob Tilley, Kristin Van Fleet, Buck Wells, Nina Wells, Joann Wylie, Jordan Wylie, and students from the Wildlife Disease Association conference!

From Albuquerque Wildlife Federation publication, The Pine Cone, August 2014


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